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 77 reviews
Best Decision!

Coming here was the best decision we have made for our sons development!

by Jennifer Taylor on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Nothing but Great!

Nothing but great things to say about this place! Sam is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I see many training sessions in the future for my daughter here. Wish we would had known about Triangle VertiMax sooner!!

by Shantal Grullon on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Sam es absolutamente increíble y es super motivador!

Yo a visto la mayor diferencia al trabajar con Sam es absolutamente increíble y es super motivador. Él definitivamente te ayudará a alcanzar cualquier meta que tengas.

by Chris Mcqueen on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

By far the best training I’ve had pertaining to performance and conditioning. Anyone serious about maximizing their potential should start training with Sam Blue. Show up ready to work because nothing less than a Lion’s mentality is accepted. 💪🏽💪🏽🐐

VertiMax Guru!

Mr. Sam Blue is a guru on the Vertimax System. I love how he pushes you without raising his voice. I noticed the change immediately. Thanks Mr. Blue

by Ramo Martinez on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

My son and daughter started 8 months ago and every month I see my son and my daughter getting faster. Thank you, Sam!!!!

Lion’s Mentality Required

By far the best training I’ve had pertaining to performance and conditioning. Anyone serious about maximizing their potential should start training with Sam Blue. Show up ready to work because nothing less than a Lion’s mentality is accepted. 💪🏽💪🏽🐐

by Leslie Robinson on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
More than just TRAINING!

My two nephews came from Wilmington for a workout before basketball tryouts for New Hanover High...Oh boy did they get a workout!! Coach Sam is amazing, he is a great source of motivation & inspiration. They not only received professional training but he took about 15 minutes at the end of their training to give them some words of wisdom. Coach Sam is ANOINTED for this!! They will definitely come back...Thanks Coach Sam for all that you do, you are truly a blessing.

Professionalism at it's Finest!

Coach Sam is probably the most professional on time trainer my son has ever worked with! Always follows schedule to go along with what he teaches his athletes so no time is wasted. Definitely wish we had started working with him years ago!

by Sherhonda Reid on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Jireh's Mommie

She has been in the mix with Coach Sam for a couple of years now, I cannot keep her away! Jireh is extremely excited about her vertical, and looks forward to possibly touching the rim of a basketball goal......

Triangle Vertimax

Excellent Workout! Sam and his staff are Respectful, Honest,
Hardworking, Outgoing, Caring, Creative, Good Listeners, Funny and
they always put the customers First!!
I love the workouts and my daughter has become a much
stronger and confident Player. She would not be where she
is today without Triangle Vertimax!!!

by Derek Covell on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Coach Sam and Coach Andre

Both of my girls have been working out at Triangle Vertimax for a few months now. I can't say enough good things about the training and family atmosphere that Coach Sam has built. It is so obvious that both Sam and Andre truly care about their growth and well being. My girls look forward to each session, and they are upset when it's over. The improvement has been incredible. This has pushed them both physically and mentally. We are so glad to be a part of the Triangle VertiMax family!

by Sabrina Poteat on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Couldn't have done it without you

My daughter has been training with Sam Blue for just over two months now. When we started, she was barely jumping off the ground, her vertical was woefully lacking. In order for her to continue to excel on her Volleyball team, it was important for her to focus on many different aspects. Sam quickly saw which areas she needed to work on, and within a few lessons, we were able to drastically see improvement. Sam has an uncanny knack of not only working on the physical aspects needed to improve a player, but also mental and emotional. All three are key to creating a strong athlete who will be successful both on off the court. Tryouts this year were very different from last year and through a combination of practices, and Triangle Vertimax, my daughter was able to meet her Volleyball goals. I would highly recommend Sam Blue to any athlete who is looking to take his or her game to the next level. Thank you Sam!

by Paula Zoutendyk on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Triangle Vertimax & Mr SAM BLUE

When i first heard of Triangle Vertimax, I have to admit I was skeptical. Our daughters were hooked from the very first session. It is not just about the specialized training and attention one receives from Coach Sam Blue, but equally important the positive mentoring and coaching techniques he uses. A breath of fresh air - our daughters leave his studio feeling energized and motivated to work harder and push themselves further. Your guidance and encouragement to never give up has made an amazing difference to K and A's overall experience.
Thank Coach Blue!

by Cassandra Roberts on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Sam is an added blessing to my daughter . Not only is she a runner but she's an avid dancer as well. Sam took the time to look at her dance videos and let her know how training would enhance that talent as well! "B" is looking forward to her improved performance in Both track and dance!! Whatever the sport, whatever the level Sam can meet the need !


I had no personal experience with Vertimax. I was always told by others "you will jump higher from vertimax training" but that was about the extent of what I knew about it. After speaking to Coach Blue by phone, I knew early on he was very knowledgeable, approachable and patient with MULTIPLE parent questions, which I had. Coach Blue informed me that yes Vertimax does improve vertical, but it also focuses on core, balance, and not using wasted energy in sports. After just the first training, Coach Blue was able to tell me what in particular with my son needed work, and how consistent training would improve those weaknesses. I have been thoroughly impressed with the training my son has received. Thank you Coach Blue

Great Training!

Both my boys have the pleasure of training with Coach Blue. He pushes them to reach their best potential in athletics and as an individual person. He is a great coach and truly cares about each child and their future. My boys love training with Coach Blue!

by Donald Moore on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

My daughter has been training w/Coach Blue all summer, the 1hr 15 min drive from Fayetteville once a week is worth my time. She missed 3 session because of her schedule and immmediatly said dad... we need to get back to Triangle Vertimax. Vertimax training has improved her athleticism, speed and muscle twitch. Even though I own a Vertimax, I choose to train w/ Coach Blue, his knowledge and expertise on this equipment is phenomenal. I've witness my daughters success during her recent tournament at Nike Nationals (EYBL).

by Angela Billingsley on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Triangle VertiMax Pays Off

Big Thanks to Coach Blue and Triangle VertiMax training for helping my daughter earn a track scholarship! My daughter started at Triangle VertiMax the summer before her sophomore year to improve her basketball skills. At one point she had the highest vertical on her high school team. She continued training with Coach Blue through senior year, and the training had an unexpected side effect – my daughter’s 100 and 200 times came down! By senior year, she was a D1 track prospect and a Tier1 D2 track athlete. This summer she was awarded a scholarship to a four year university. Triangle VertiMax works! The training paid off.

by Clarence Hill on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

My son's 1st VertiMax training session at Triangle VertiMax with Sam Blue was great! He really pushed Zay and the talk we had at the end of the session was also great! We are looking forward to continue working out with Coach Sam!

by Alex Ulbrich on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Coach Blue @ Triangle Vertimax

The knowledge and experience that Coach Blue demonstrates is top notch. I've never seen my daughter Katrina so eager to participate in such intense training. Highly recommend Triangle Vertimax to anyone looking to up their game!

by Patrick Cooper on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Awesome Training Experience

My son Nicholas Cooper has hopes of becoming a walk on at a D1AA school this fall. Coach Blue and staff are really putting in hard work to push my son to be the best that he can be. Thanks for everything and after 3 sessions he already can feel the results. Triangle Vertimax is the best and I highly recommend it to parents of student athletes.

by Doris Colclough-Hardy & Reanna Hardy on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Vertimax Training

My daughter Reanna LOVES working out with Coach Blue. The workout is intense, but she is dedicated and knows what she has to do to get to where she need to be. She has improved with her endurance. Coach Blue keeps her focused and knows how to use positive reinforcement and when to keep her going. Thank you so much for caring and working hard to ensure positive results.

by Monte Boddie on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Coach Blue

Making the 2 plus hour drive to Raleigh to have Coach Blue train my 2 sons is more than worth it. Not only does he push them to limits they've never even imagined but he gives them nuggets of info and understanding about what it takes to reach their full potential and what colleges are looking for in an athlete. Coach stresses academic achievement as well to give each athlete multiple options to getting into college. My sons have already shown improvements in their first step and jumping, with one of them making it to the conference tournament in track. I wouldn't take my sons to any other vertimax trainer in NC. Thanks Coach.


My son has been to many people who said they were vertimax trainers. I am here to tell you that there is only 1 that stood out. Coach Sam had the most thorough, informative session we have been to, my son even told one trainer he should come work with Coach Sam to see how he does it. Already seeing a change in my son in only a few sessions. Looking forward to the future!


Coach Sam Blue at Triangle Vertimax is an awesome coach who will bring the best out in athletes and take them beyond their limits. My daughter enjoys working out with Coach Sam and has seen great improvement in her skills, endurance and so much more. Coach Sam believes in making athletes not just good but GREAT and that's would l love about his training. It's AWESOME!!!

by Elise Wiliiams on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Went from

The first VertiMax workout I didn't think my daughter Elise was going to make it. We thought that she was going to throw up a couple of times. The second workout was smoother. Now she's looking forward to what the team is going to get her to do.

Thanks Coach Blue

by Keith Lipscomb on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Blue works with both my children and his influence in just a short period of time has been nothing shy of excellent. I have seen results not only in their physical performance but also in their dedication, work ethic and motivation. Coach Blue pushes both to tap into their inner strength by challenging them mentally and physically. We have set out on a journey - not a destination and I am impressed by what I have seen so far. Thanks Coach Blue

by Melody Royal on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Triangle VertiMax

Coach Blue has done wonders with my son Tyler!!!
Tyler is a football player and his physique and posture has become more visible to the eye with the workouts he has been doing with Triangle Vertimax!! He is becoming more lean and built. I am jealous and would like to have a session with Coach Blue. He does a GREAT JOB with the students in his program and as a parent I appreciate his effort. I do highly recommend the Triangle Vertimax program for anyone who wants to see a difference in their body in a short time!


Coach Blue gives his all to these athletes, and his passion shows through in every training session. Our son has only had 3 sessions so far, but has seen a huge difference already. He pushes himself each day in his own workouts, but Coach Blue takes him even further and to the next level of training. We highly recommend his program for any serious athlete.

by James Williams on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX
Hard work pays off!

Coach Blue has done an outstanding job working out both of my sons; His knowledge of the Vertimax speed & agility equipment is exceptional; He pushes the athletes to go further each workout so the results will show after CONSISTENT training sessions. If your athlete is ready to be pushed beyond the limits of any training they've participated in, you must schedule an appointment with Coach Blue and Triangle VertiMax!


My son loves his sessions, he is more explosive and his endurance has been far better since starting the workouts. He is learning the value of hard work and its affect on performance!


My son has had 2 sessions and is eager for the 3rd! The ambition and passion that coach Blue puts into each child is amazing. He not only pushes them to the max but he let's them know greatness is ahead and anything is possible! One for the best investments for my son's future! #StriveForGreatness

by Ronnie Brodie Sr. on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

We recently experienced a workout with Coach Blue and my son and I agree that it was the best VertiMax workout we have had. Coach has a vast knowledge of how to push the athletes body to the next level and get the most out of his workouts. My son is very excited to attend the next session he says he has seen the benefits already! Thanks Coach B!!!

by Patrick Surles on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

My girls have been going to Coach Blue for a month now and I can really see the difference. Not only in their physical abilities but with their mental abilities. He pushes them to a point that they didn't think they could achieve. Coach Blue is pushing them towards their ultimate goal of playing college basketball. Anyone looking at starting a program with Coach Blue, do it!!! Best decision that I have made concerning my girl's future!


When my daughter was home for the summer she went to Sam to help increase her vertical for volleyball. Sam also had other plans such as injury prevention and to make her stronger. The results are amazing. She broke the record at Kentucky for the highest vertical for the women's volleyball team. She is a starter now as well. Sam also checks on her and keeps up with what's going on with her at UK. Thank you for all that you do with our young adults. I will continue to refer young and seasoned athletes to you. My motto.. You have to be uncomfortable sometimes to get comfortable.


Always Engaged in the Training , Very Professional and Intense.

by Dawan Gunter on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Awesome training! Sydney's power and explosiveness have increased at an incredible rate! Her endurance has increased as well. I have no doubt that coach Sam's training will help Sydney achieve her goal of being a college volleyball player. We have done lots of training and have not found a better value in the training business specific to her needed skill set.

Dawan G.


I started working out with Coach Blue about a month ago and I am already already seeing so much improvement in the way I play. Coach Blue has really helped me prepare to go to UNC Pembroke to play volleyball in the fall. He has really pushed me and I love the intensity of the workouts. By far the best trainer!

by Tom Chambers on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

I have been very impressed so far with the Vertimax workouts and the improvements I am seeing with my son. Coach Blue really runs a great program and pushes the athletes to give their best. I am excited to see how my son will progress over the next few months as he prepares for basketball tryouts.

by Milton and Angela Williams on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Very Impressive! Coach Blue is great at all of his workouts. If you are looking for top speed and agility...this is the place to be! Our boys love the hard work put in doing sessions. This surely will help anyone take their game to the next level. Workouts guaranteed to have you in shape!!!!

by Darrell Gilchrist on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Very impressed by my son's improvement and can not wait to see what the future holds. Coach Sam's training tactics has helped him dramatically and I have faith that he will only continue to amaze us.


Vertimax has helped me improve a lot as an athlete on and off the field. Coach Sam has helped me get to where I need to be right now and I have learned a lot so far. And I am still learning.


I have been taking my son to various trainers and workouts the past few years, and after a few sessions with Coach Blue and Triangle Vertimax, I knew this was the place to be. His attention to detail, organization and steady focus was it for me. There is no downtime or question as to what is happening next. I must say, not only was I impressed with the workout itself, the way Coach Blue pushes and motivates with actual exercises that relate to the game, to include game talk throughout the workout. He explains every exercise and what it will do for you. There is no better way to get in shape and prepare your body for game like situations then going to Coach Blue's training sessions. He monitors the individual work each person is doing to make corrections, improvements or simply to push you more each time. It is good to see a trainer who actually cares about the improvements in his personnel and wants everyone to get better, but demands hard work!


I have tried several different trainers in the past for my student athlete, but Coach Sam is by far the most effective trainer that my son has worked with. He pushed him to his limit within 30 minutes of the workout, but Coach Sam knew how to keep challenging my son in order to get peak performance throughout without degrading him.

by Brandi Clark on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

My son has been training with Coach Blue for just over a month now and I can honestly say my son and I have already noticed a difference in his agility and speed. Coach Blue really cares about making an overall difference in these children's lives.

by Devon's Parents on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

If you are looking for a place to send your child that will help them with speed,strength,endurance and agility, "Triangle Vertimax" is the place. Coach Sam provides a high level of professional training, in a Godly manner. In comparison to the other trainers on the area,he is one of the best. Our son enjoys training with Coach Sam, and we have seen great progress in his ability to compete at the collegiate level. Hard Work Pays Off!

by Kenny Murphy on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Blue is a true professional. The thing that I like about Coach Blue is his attention to detail. He makes sure the exercise is done correctly. No short cuts. He is demanding yet encouraging which allows the athlete to push himself know that this person has his/her best interest at heart. I choose very carefully whom I allow my son Trey to train with and Coach Blue is someone I trust completely.


This is my sons first time working with Triangle Vertimax. I must say my husband and I were very impressed with the workouts. Up until this workout I really thought my son worked out hard. My son sweat his whole shirt something I don't see when my son practices. I saw my son push himself like Ive never seen before. I thought my son was going to say "he does not want to come back" instead he said when is the next work out. So, I'm excited to see the results and the growth in the following months.

by Tonique Tabron on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

My son Keenan is a fairly new client at Triangle Vertimax. However, he has been very satisfied with his sessions to date. He felt that Coach Blue pushed him to another level and motivated him to give it his all during his workouts. He has already started to notice improvement in his game, strength, and endurance. He looks forward to his future workouts sessions at Triangle Vertimax.

by Donnie and Terrie Parker on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Blue, when we first stepped through the doors, saw the intense training, we were confident this was the right place for Jaylin to be grow and develop his talent and abilities. We are excited about his future with you. What you have to offer is no joke. You want him to reach his full potential. You are interested in him succeeding and a pleasant person to work with. We feel good about this investment. Thank you Coach Blue for what you are doing.


If you are seeking for the best all around physical training program to take your athlete to the next level - then Sam Blue is the place to go. Sam Blue and his Vertimax program are by far the best training system I have found to date. His program trains every muscle in the body and pushes them harder at every session with dedicated one on one training. Blue also takes a personal interest in each athlete in order learn and help the them attain their goals. Sam Blue is a great trainer, motivator, teacher, and mentor.

by Jonas Vanhoosier on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Blue is probably one of the best trainers out there. He does a superb job in training with the kids. He is an excellent communicator and motivator to the kids as well. I would strongly recommend him.

by Pauline Hardy-Evans on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Almost immediately after my son started training with Coach Blue, I saw an increase in his confidence and his overall athleticism. More than the physical training, I value the motivation and the positive advice he gives to my son. The educational information he shares is invaluable. Coach Blue is not just a trainer. He is a teacher, a mentor, and a friend who truly cares about the well-being of my son as a student-athlete and as a young man.


Coach Sam is a BEAST I enjoy Sam training my daughter we love Coach Sam Blue

by Dazia Powell on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Sam is great at what he does. He pushes me to go hard even when I'm tired. He explains why and how the workouts can improve my game.

by Chris Humbert on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Blue has trained both of my kids for a while. Probably the best training regiment in the Triangle. My kids look forward to the training each week. He is an excellent communicator to both the parent and the athlete. Highly recommend him to any athlete that wants to work hard and maximize his/her potential. Very rare individual.

by Telphenia Dunn on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Sam is the best. He's dedicated and an excellent trainer. He cares and gives his clients a thorough workout. We have seen an improvement in my nephew's athletic skills and he loves training with Coach Sam.

by Gary Hooker Jr. on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Sam is one of the best coaches out there. He works you hard and cares about all his clients. He not only gives you a good and hard workout with VertiMax, but also information to further prepare yourself for college. SAT, what scouts and coaches look for, he hands you a lot of information and wants to see you work hard in the gym just like he wants you to in the books.


Coach Blue is a very professional and knowledgeable trainer. He is fully engaged in the workouts and helps his clients reach their full potential. I have noticed improvements in my son’s speed, block jumps, strength, and confidence. My son loves Coach Blue's workouts!


Haven't even started my training with Coach Blue but from what I hear he is excellent and does a wonderful job at what he does! Can't wait to train with Him one day.

by Jimmie Sanders on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Sam is the King of Vertimax. Simply put since joining his training we have seen increases in the areas of core strength, confidence and overall athleticism. He has mastered his material and tailors the training for the athletes sport and ability. One of the best investments we have made in our student athletes development. I would highly recommend Coach Sam's vertimax training to those looking to take their craft to the next level. Thanks Coach Sam. Kudos!!!

by Kermit Siler on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Blue workouts will get you on track to succeed. It is intense but well worth it if you are determined to work hard. Thanks Coach for your dedication in working and helping the kids.

by Conley Perry on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Very thorough and beneficial. Works well with young men and women.

by Brandy Lawrence on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Blue and his program are great. There are a few other Vertimax programs popping up in the area, but what sets Triangle Vertimax apart is Coach Blue. He's a great person, willing to share his knowledge and resources to help each player reach their potential and go to college!


Hardest workout EVER!!! Coach Sam kept me going with this quote "If it was easy everybody would be be doing it "

by Tommy TyzaeEvans on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

If you are ready to push yourself to the most extreme levels you want to be great separate yourself standout from others.... This is highly recommended for you I first started going to this I really started second guessing about going again .... I went again because I wanted to be the best I started seeing the results in no time.... forty increase , endurance , and vertical.... I wouldn't say that every time you go its going to be easy but you will know what is expected your body would perform at that level you want and the end results will be great.....


My son Dj had his very 1st workout session on the VertiMax with Coach Blue yesterday and I was amazed how intense it was. I can't wait for the next session. If you want results then you've arrived at the correct location. Thanks Coach!!!

by Kermit Siler on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Blue is an awesome trainer and motivator. He wants each kid to succeed. He's a great guy. Thumbs ups for an amazing person. Thanks coach for your dedication.

by Angela Thomas on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

I wish they had a location in Fl

by SmarterThanUthink on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

#1 in this area for training...not just ur physical but also builds confidence.

by Sandra Bryant-Richardson on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

My son Dovon worksout with Sam Blue. It definitely takes determination... Thank God Dovon's got that!

by William Ricardo Yarbrough on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Sam Blue knows what he doing! Any athlete man or woman, high school, college or pro you need to check out my mans training sessions!

by Patricia L. Moore-Gaddy on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Coach Blue is very professional and works well with my son. It's hard work that really pays off. He takes time to know what is needed to push him to the next level. No two workouts are the same. If your willing to put in the work you will continue to see improvement. I recommend you give this workout a try. #Hardwork

by Angela T Zemonek on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

Great, intense training with positive motivation from Coach Sam Blue! This is personal training at its best! My son loves it and we feel really good about sending him!

Triangle Vertimax

Coach Blue is the real deal. He trains the mental as well as the physical. His knowledge of muscle structure allows him to give the perfect workout. Coach Blue has a gift to read his client and knows exactly how to get a maximum performance. After only three visits I can see results in my son. I highly recommend this training!

by Hunter Dotson on TRIANGLE VERTIMAX

There is no better way to get in shape and prepare your body for game like situations then going to Coach Blue's vetimax training sessions. Coach Blue will quickly be able to help you improve your overall agility and stamina. I have definitely been able to notice a difference in my quickness and I do not get nearly as fatigued as I did before going to these sessions. Coach Blue pushes each athlete to new levels of exhaustion that they didn't know was possible. He has not only been a great trainer but he has also taken an interest in me and who I am. He cares about athlete's careers but also he cares about them as people and developing them into the best young people they can be.


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